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Direct MBBS Admission in Kolkata: Why Bother Becoming a DOCTOR?

MBBS Admissions in Medical CollegesThe field of medical education is an expanding horizon. A formal degree in this field can open the doors to many bright opportunities and exciting job prospects. It’s all about the students’ willingness to gather knowledge, and indulge intellectually and emotionally in the wellness of patients.Indeed, a profession as a medical practitioner is an encouraging avenue, which not only witnesses the journey of health care specialists, but also educators, scientists and researchers, too!

The laboratory is the channel of your pilot study, and the operation theatre, your battle ground. In fact, joining this field of medicines can be the best decision of your career.

Now, why is this career choice prospering so much?

Built your Career in MBBS

Career in MBBS

The answer is simple – because the world is globalising! There have been some groundbreaking findings in the field of Biotechnology and drug development, which has led to the evolution of the entire medical sector.

With novel research methodologies backing this revolution, the findings have pulled open great opportunities for aspiring doctors to pursue a career in medicine. Their roles have been augmented and are still expanding because of globalisation phenomena like medical tourism.

Doctors now need to travel for the sake of medical care. And not only this, the international access has also led to the enhancement of our knowledge regarding rare diseases. We, now, are more clinically minded than ever before. As such, the career option seems like a promising way of bringing about a sea change in the global health care scenario.

And, as for the students who are really excited by the prospects of this rewarding career gateway, pursuing it is no more a dream or challenge with the availability of options like a direct MBBS admission in Kolkata. It is a chance to stay at par with the high competition, remain focused on your learning and have a mind-blowing, goal-oriented career.

Do you have it in you?

Confident Enough to Be a Doctor - An MBBS Degree Holder

Confident Enough to Be a Doctor


To become a doctor in India, you must have a higher education in physics, chemistry, and biology. The college you will be admitted to must have an accreditation offered by the Medical Council of India

Your basic education of medicines will require you to complete four and a half years of MBBS, and one year of internship. Once you are a graduate, you will be able to practice the profession as a general physician.

Of course, you can choose to pursue higher studies and specialise in a particular field. Don’t forget to maintain a good network with the alumni who have accomplished specialisation training overseas. This might help you in establishing yourself abroad.

Of course, when you are a doctor, you need to be passionate about your work. There’s no alternative to hard work, and it is only with this attitude can make a difference in the lives of your patients. Remember, the journey might be intense, but the outcome is always rewarding.

And, speaking of the professional front, medicine is one of those few career opportunities that bring about huge job satisfaction and peace of mind. Reason? Well, you are serving humanity. Need we say more?



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