Narendra Modi Declares Increased MBBS Seats

The Medical Profession: Surviving The Cost, Effort and Cutthroat Competition

The Big News:

The ‘Good Days,’ a promised by the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, seem to have arrived at long last! Well, at least for the medical profession.

Seats Increased for Medical Students

As per the reports of The Economic Times, the number of MBBS seats would increase by almost 2,500 all across the country. These seats will be added to different colleges and hospitals that are already existing or coming up.
The raise has already been approved by a committee of the health department of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India. The committee is presently being headed by Lov Verma, the Health Secretary.
This news has come as a huge relief for the students who want to pursue a career in the field. After the depressing reduction in the number of undergraduate seats by 1,170 in the year 2014-15, this rise sure is most welcome. Currently, the committee has shown the green flag to a hundred new seats for hospitals across the country.

The White Coat is Still Ruling:

Yes, the medical profession is still a noble profession in India, no matter what people say. The science has opened the doors to many a career prospects and possibilities. And, with the variety of diseases coming up every day, we only

The White Coat of Doctors

need more quality doctors in our country.

However, medical education is now a costly affair. With the capitation fee growing each year, investing in the course is not what every student wishes to. And, to top that, cutthroat entrances are smothering the aspirants, challenging their know-how and leading to a huge decline in compassion toward the profession.

According to a report, over six lakh medical aspirants appear for the entrance examinations. But, only 10% of them successfully covet a seat. So, how ‘failure-proof’ is your preparation for the same? And, most importantly, what are your options, if, god forbid, you don’t clear any of the examinations?

Chasing your dreams:

Becoming a medical professional is a childhood dream for many. It’s a career which not only earns you money, but also commands matchless respect. Making the dream come true, however, is not so easy. There’s money, hard work and a lot of dedication involved.

Medical College Students

So, why not have an easy way to get an admission in a medical college? How about having a seat directly in the prestigious KPC Medical College? Or the much sought-after Ms Ramaiah? Or even the MGM Medical College, the IQ City Medical College, and the ICare Medical College?

It’s a vibrant profession you are about to choose! Why not make it easy to achieve? Become that ‘clean, well-dressed, competent’ professional, who is a life saviour!



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