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Scored Low in NEET? Here Are Few Options for You

NEET isn’t easy to crack. Many students repeat the test multiple times to get an acceptable ranking for admission to top private medical colleges in India. If you have scored low in this medical admission test, this is perhaps one of the most straightforward options–give the test again next year and do it better this time. Aside from this though, there are several other options as well for students who have low NEET scores.

Get Direct Admission to Top Private Medical Colleges in India

One of the things you can do is seek direct admission to any of the top private medical colleges in India. This process involves first qualifying for the NEET UG entrance exam and then registering for counseling. After the first counseling, if you haven’t been allotted any seat, you can go for second counseling. If that doesn’t work as well, you can attend the MOP-UP round. And if there’s still no luck, comes the option of direct admission. The vacant seats are transferred by the state to the colleges’ management that finally gets filled through direct admission. You can go this route if you have a low NEET score to get admission to the best private MBBS colleges in India.

Choose Alternate Pathway

Even with a low NEET score, you can still pursue the medical field, albeit in different sub-fields. There are many options available that don’t require NEET score. For instance, you can opt for a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, Bachelor in Psychology, or Bachelor of Science in Cardiac Technology.  You can choose to a biologist, nutritionist, optometrist, audiologist, and more – all of which are possible despite your low NEET score. So, you can consider an alternate pathway, many of which are exciting and promises better career growth.

Contact Education Consultant

At times, trying to figure what to do can be a challenge; it can be incredibly confusing. This is where contacting an education consultant can be quite helpful. If you have scored low in your NEET, these experts can provide you the right advice, navigating you in a fitting direction. Should you give the test again? Should you spend more money and get admission through the management quota? Should you pursue a different path? Should you apply for a medical college abroad? An experienced consultant can answer all these questions and help you move forward in the right direction. So, if you’re indeed confused, find a good education consultant today and get their help.

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