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Struggling To Get Into A Medical College In India? Here Are 2 Tips

Did you know over 13 lakh candidates appeared for NEET in 2020?

And did you know there are 558 medical colleges in India with an intake capacity of 83,275 MBBS seats and 42,720 PG seats?

Lakhs of students apply for a very limited number of seats in medical colleges in India. Few of them inch closer to their dream while others move ahead for another attempt. So, if you fell short to score adequately and secure a spot in med school, know that you’re not alone and this isn’t uncommon. However, that doesn’t mean your fate has to be similar to the lakhs of students who never manage to get admission to a good college and become a doctor.

Here are two tips if you’re struggling to get into a medical college in India:

  1. Take a year off

This may seem counterintuitive but it could be very helpful, especially if you have had more than two attempts already. Detaching yourself from the process and allowing yourself the time to regroup can be game-changing for you. It can enable you with a newer perspective and approach, which can take your preparation a notch higher. You will get a fresh take on how you can prepare for NEET better, what mistakes you need to avoid, and what key tactics you need to adopt during preparation.

A year off can also help you find out if this is indeed what you want to do. Often, many students decide to do MBBS due to their family pressure or because that’s what their friends are doing. If this is indeed the case, and if you yourself aren’t excited about doing MBBS, you’re making a big mistake. You need to immediately drop this plan and pursue something that you truly want and enjoy.

  1. Get in touch with consultants

If things haven’t worked out well till now, you should seriously consider getting help from experts.

Get in touch with education consultants who specialize in the medical field. Seek their guidance on how you can prepare better for the test and how you can get admission to a top medical college.

In addition, these consultants can also help you with direct admission for MBBS in WB or other states. They can further guide you on how to become a successful doctor, providing you with key insights on various aspects, right from the lowest package for MBBS in India to the fitting specialization to choose in PG.

In all, they can support you end-to-end in your career goals, including helping you get admission to a top medical college.

Final Words

These are two straightforward but critical tips if you’re struggling to score better in NEET and get admission to a medical college in India.

Yes, the path to becoming a doctor is challenging. But it’s not something you can’t do. Besides, the outcome – that is helping people live better, as well as enjoying a successful career yourself – makes pursuing this challenge worth it.

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