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Why Women Education is Important for the Growth of the Nation’s Economy?

To develop the economic and social grade of a country, there is no alternative of proper education. Variegated researches have been done and it is found that in the Middle East and North African countries, access to education has been developed to a great level over the past few decades and numbers of trends have also caught our notice which affirms the fact even more. With the increasing prospect of primary school enrollment, women in the countries are now more likely to take admission in the universities which people could not even think of a few years ago.

Women Education

Even in India, there are numbers of rural places where education to women is not only barred, but is also considered to be as a social taboo. But, what they don’t know is getting education is the fundamental right and every human being irrespective of their gender should enjoy it to the fullest.

With the passing time, Indian Government has also started taking significant steps, but what disappoints us the most is that India still has the lowest female literacy rate in Asia. Although, the literacy rate in India has increased to a great extent with the running stride of time, but the lower literacy rate in numbers of states in the country has constricted the overall rate into an unsatisfactory result.

At the time when England invaded the country, then the female literacy rate was only 2.6%. It rose up to 15.3% in the year 1961 and 28.5% in 1981. In the year 2011, the female literacy rate was 65.46%. But, still compared to other countries, the literacy rate of India just comes to nothing and the main reason behind is that although certain states like Kerala and Tamilnadu have a high literacy rate, some other states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan have a very low rate which curtails down the overall female literacy rate of the country.

Women Education

Women education also has a direct impact on the growth of the country’s economy and the reasons include:

Researches have shown that the rate of return in women’s education is higher than that of men.
More educated mothers are capable of contributing largely on the well being of a nation.
The education of women will definitely break the poverty to a great extent, thereby allowing them to contribute largely to the economy of the country.
Also, women’s education not only enhances the productivity in numbers of domains, but also ascertains better health as well as nutrition.
Numbers of organizations have turned up, offering impeccable academic solutions to students in different fields. So, if you are thinking of opting for higher studies and looking for some sturdy assistance in this domain, finding out a renowned education consultant in your city will perhaps be the shrewdest decision on your part.

The social administrators must be aware of the fact that if the female populations are left uneducated, then nearly half of the populace remains the same, as a great proportion of our population is consisted of females only. Thus, educating a woman not only means educating a family, but also educating the whole nation.

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