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Project Summery.

Brain Matrix Test in Kolkata

A BMT or a Brain Matrix Test allows the user to understand the intelligence level of a person. For parents, it is quite important to understand the intelligence level of their children and BMT is the answer. Being a child, it is very stressful to see friends move ahead and them staying at the same level. They need to understand that every person does not have the same intelligence level and for some, more hard work is necessary.

BMT majorly has two components. They are:

  • Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)
  • Psychometric Test

These tests usually occur in 2 stages:

  • The first stage includes a fingerprint scan of the candidate to analyze the genetic intelligence of the child.
  • The second stage begins with the psychometric test of the child. The test includes questions asked about the daily activity of the child and the recording of the same for further analysis.

After these steps, the data is gathered and analyzed to figure out the functionality of the left and right brain. These reveal the strengths, personality, weakness, behavior, and ability of learning of the child. These tests are internationally recognized as intelligence quotient tests and when analyzed thoroughly, give out the exact results.

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